Welcome to My Home Page!!

My name is Ali H. Gazala, I’m a PhD student in school of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). I was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1984. I have a small and wonderful family, my dad is an architect and my mother is a dentist. I also have one little brother and number of cousins.

I currently live in Auckland city in the north island of New Zealand. I joined AUT in 2012 to get a degree in computer and information science. My research area is data mining and knowledge discovery in database. I’m also interested about health informatics and bioinformatics. My PhD research focus on expanding the functionality of the classic knowledge discovery techniques (e.g., learning a decision tree or neural network from a given set of propositional data) to construct models based on multi-relational databases.

My goal is to apply the technology and techniques of data mining to wide range domains like financial and healthcare.